10 Colourful & Creative Confetti Ideas

Confetti! It's probably one of the first things you picture when you think about a wedding day. It's one of those traditions that I simply think is a must! For no other reason than it creates some awesome photos! 😉

Before you're whisked away in your VW Camper Van on the big day you're going to be showered with confetti! These days there are so many fabulous alternatives to the traditional confetti, which means another decision made even harder! This creative wedding industry really is playing havoc with my decision making.


Anyway, here are some brilliantly quirky and different confetti ideas. Be inspired!


#1 Bubbles


wedding confetti

Want to reminisce about your childhood and get all the kids involved? This is a sure winner!


#2 Mini Pompoms



wedding confetti

I have to say I LOVE this idea. Brilliantly unique and gorgeous!


#3 Rice


wedding confetti

For the truly traditional approach...


#4 Glitter


wedding confetti

This can create some really special images and is ideal for the glitzy, sparkle-obsessed bride!


#5 Paper aeroplanes


wedding confetti

Strange one isn't it? But yes, apparently this happens at some weddings. Quite fun I think! Especially if people get to make their own!

#6 Twirling ribbons


wedding confetti

Less mess and it's not all over in a flash! I'd say this is a great option.


#7 Leaves


wedding confetti


For a really natural autumnal shot, it looks gorgeous if you throw leaves on the happy couple. The perfect send off before your honeymoon.


#8 Petals


wedding confetti

Dried flowers are a very popular option and obviously make for some very pretty pictures.


#9 Paper


wedding confetti

Paper confetti is so versatile and doesn't need to be the boring type that you think of ordinarily. This could be made in your personalised shapes or colour to really fit your day!


#10 Fake snow


wedding confetti

And here we have my current favourite! I'm having a Winter wedding and so this would be ideal. Think of all the gorgeous pictures! Oh I can't wait!


So there you go. What do you think?

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If you need help sourcing your own creative colourful confetti,   get in touch.

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